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The WELL PLUS TRADE GmbH, situated in Hamburg, Germany, is a company focused on the development and sales of a wide range of products in the field of fitness and health.

Our Power System and Slim System brand products are designed with the intention of supporting you on the path to achieving your individual and personal athletic and health goals. To accomplish just that, we have developed unique nutritional concepts optimized for best possible results.

Years of experience developing functional nutritional foodstuffs, allow us to guarantee that our products will meet your everyday needs. As we use only the finest resources for our products, your vitality and wellbeing are certain to experience total satisfaction.

Our contribution to your success!

Our brands

Power System - Well Plus Trade

Power System Sport
For any athletic success, correct nutrition is absolutely fundamental. Power System supports your nutritional needs on the path to achieving your own personal goals!

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Slim System - Well Plus Trade

Slim System Diet
In order to fulfill the particular needs of a reduced caloric diet, we developed our specialized Slim System Diet product line, which will aid and support you in reaching your personal goals.

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SedVital - Well Plus Trade

A highly sophisticated and sustainable manufacturing process is implemented for the SedVital range, resulting in highest quality products. Only specifically selected and finest natural resources are used. This ensures the high biological value of our products and the best possible palatability for you.

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Our Power System Sport assortment of products caters to the increased nutritional needs resulting from intense physical activity. The shakes, drinks, bars and various other supplements we offer aim to best complement these heightened nutritional demands.

The products of our Slim System Diet range contain more than sufficient amounts of necessary and essential nutrients. They are quick and easy to prepare and come in a wide variety of flavours, making these products ideal for longer dietary phases.

SedVital products contain vitamins and trace elements that help stimulate and increase the body’s metabolism. Zinc normalizes the fat metabolism and the milk proteins found in this range of products ensure your increased protein demand is covered naturally.

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