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Slim System Body Shake

56% high quality milk and plant proteins
maintain and improve the function of your muscles

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Slim System L-Carnitine Bar

high organic value

no colourants or preservatives

2 tasty flavours

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What is Slim System?

The program – the diet drink, protein diet, L-Carnitine bar, SedVital – is designed to help reach and maintain the personal feel-good weight.

How does Slim System work?

Simple and just as required, one to two meals a day can be replaced by the Slim System products.

What makes Slim System special?

This nutritional program conforms to the standards and regulations of the European dietary regulations.


Power System Sport

For any athletic success, correct nutrition is absolutely fundamental. Power System supports your nutritional needs on the path to achieving your own personal goals!


Slim System Diet

Slim System is designed to help you reach your personal weight-loss goals and maintain your desired weight. The tasty and well-rounded Slim System range will help guide you toward these goals.


Slim-System SedVital

By combining plant and milk based proteins with the natural sweetness of honey, SedVital offers you a great food supplement for the high nutritional demands of everyday life.

Power System products are produced exclusively in Western Europe, mainly in Germany. They therefore largely fulfill the criteria of “Made in Germany”.
The manufacturer of Slim System products is the “WELL PLUS TRADE GmbH”, which is ISO as well as IFS certified.
The “WPT Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG” develops its own products at premium quality and at the best possible price/quality ratio.
Slim System products conform to the standards and regulations set forth in §14a of the European dietary regulation.

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7. February 2014
Alternative Rezepte bei nur einer Portion SedVital pro Tag

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